6 Tips for building reliable relationships for business growth

4 min readApr 13, 2022


Excellent outcomes in businesses are not a magical reality; instead, they are a product of many factors, one major of which is relationships. Businesses primarily deal with social interactions and vastly depend on relationships within and without the system. And it is a proven fact that building good relationships with your workers will improve your organization and operational procedures, while relationships with your customer help the external expansion of the business. In this piece, I will share some essential tactics you can maximize to ensure reliable connections that will take your business to the next level.

Focus on Internal Organization

It is a well-known fact that a system’s outlook depends on its internal functionalities; this is also very relevant in a business. A business is a corporate organization that requires coherence in the activity of several people. Therefore, any system’s growth depends on your relationship with your employees.
Invest in the development of your employees and let them know your concerns for them. Compliment them when they have an outstanding performance. And give them constructive feedback regularly. And you will have workers who are not forcefully committed to their work, and hence, you would have improved productivity.

Focus on Building a valuable Product or Service

An exchange of values sustains a relationship. The power you own as a business owner to initiate and sustain a relationship between your business and your customer is the quality of your product. In most cases, introducing your product to your prospective customers appears to be the most difficult part of a business, especially in a competitive environment. Make sure your products are of their best quality to meet the needs of your customer, such that your product becomes the most important strength of your business. As you don’t have to run after flies at the sight of honey, let your product attract your customers to you.

Build Trust And Establish Credibility

What sustains a business is a consistent commitment to its set goals and values. Build the confidence of your customers in the quality of your product. The quality of your product should not one-time or once-in-a-while experience. Your customers must have a definite trust in your product. This will first be a motivating factor for your customer to stay with your product or service and extensively make them a witness of your product to others. The credibility of your product builds the confidence of your users and hence makes them confidently refer your product to others too. Therefore, you need to see all of your customers as an asset and also attach priority and sincere concern to all you can offer them.

Be Intentional On Relational Value, Not Transactional Value

Put effort into building a reliable network daily. Your motivation for meeting people should not be transactional. Instead, take intentional steps to know them by communicating with them through calls, chats, and random meet-ups. This will help you understand their values and needs, motivating you to provide services and products to meet such requirements or complement their values. One mantra you will need to keep in mind is: “it is about them, not you.” And David Crean said, “They will remember how you made them feel.”

Expand Your Community Presence

Expansion of your business’ presence and awareness in your community is key to the continuous growth of your business. When you have built a good relationship with your employee and customers, this comes to play. You can achieve this by initiating a relationship with your community members, including authorities like the ministry of commerce, chamber of commerce, and other local commerce authorities. You get the opportunity to expand your business’ presence via advertisement and promotional efforts, which extensively help you find new customers. If you can grow your business to the extent of establishing a connection with the community, you will be amazed at the result this will grant you.

Improve Customer Experience

Customer service is pertinent to business growth. It is an essential and reliable strategy for business growth. Don’t leave the consumers of your products or use of your service without feedback. You need to create a system that facilitates feedback from your customers. Beyond that, their concerns should be diligently attended to; this gives them a sense of belonging as far as your company or business and product is concerned.

The need for a sustainable internal and external relationship in a business cannot be over-emphasized. It helps you communicate the vision and ideology of your business to both your workers and consumers or users and ultimately build a sense of commitment in them. And hence, this results in the continuous growth of your business.

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