Making money from Facebook groups

4 min readApr 5, 2022

One of the undeniable realities of the digital age is making money online without having to leave your home. The interesting thing now is that social media platforms designed to enhance our social interactions can also be a means of income if well managed.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some relevant information that will help make substantial income with Facebook groups. Enjoy and learn as I get the ball rolling.

Buy and Sell

There is no limitation to the kinds of commodity you can sell or buy on Facebook. Ranging from kitchen utensils, to children care accessories, to pharmaceutical products, fairly used car and even houses. As a matter of fact, there are numerous buying and selling groups on Facebook that you can join both in your specific niche and for general merchandise. And you can create one for yourself. Basically, make your goods available, connect with your prospective customers both locally and intercontinentally, negotiate with them and deliver it to them receiving your money with your preferred payment method.

Propose service

This is quite similar to “buy and sell” groups; only that in this case, you are proposing a service you can efficiently offer to people. These kinds of group are more relevant to job seekers, consultants, freelancers, coaches, writing etc.

You can attract a client by posting your freelance services which could include writing, graphic design, SEO, web design and development, etc. as well as other services like private tutorial, laundry services, babysitting, coaching, counselling etc. and get paid for the services offered. Also, you can design your group in such a way that people in a particular field of interest can meet to share ideas, opportunities and experience. 8trade will be of great help to you here because it will help you as a user to post your services as well as goods. It will also help you navigate through needed services through specific search criteria.

Facebook groups can also be a very helpful platform for human resources where you can post job opportunities, collect their information (via CVs), and interact with job aspirants before selecting who is fitting for the job.

Connecting Sellers and Buyers

To begin, you tap into member chats on Facebook to determine the demand for products and services. Then you look for firms in your area that provide those services. You also offer sellers a platform to promote their products/services through your Facebook group. In exchange, the sellers must pay you a monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly fee. People who are interested in purchasing their goods contact them, allowing the vendors to make a living. You can authenticate merchants by requesting government-issued ID proofs and entering those facts into your database to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This significantly reduces the scope of any type of fraud. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

8trade is a marketplace builder that will greatly aid your effort in this wise. It affords users to create a platform where group members can exchange goods in a simple way rather than complex chronological arrangements with numerous information where offers alternate with one another.

Collaboration with experts, mompreneurs and entrepreneurs

This is a fantastic way to make money using Facebook groups. You must find specialists who are related to your group working with them to host informative workshops in your community.

You can work with doctors or fitness specialists if you have a health or fitness group. Organize a live meeting in your group and respond to members’ questions. You may then charge these professionals in exchange. You could also create monthly bundles if it goes well.

Bulk Deals From Companies

This is very useful if you own a travel facebook group. Basically, your responsibility as an admin here is to evaluate members and opinion and get them good deals. I will share with you a template of DIY travels in Philippines which has grown to become the biggest in travel company in Philippine.

This Facebook group consist of a number of airlines and travel businesses. As a matter of fact, the founder quit her job to devote her full attention to the community. Isn’t it impressive? Because this is a travel-oriented group, people are looking for:

  • Other’s experience shared
  • Suggestions
  • Better deals for their next travel

This is what the admin takes advantage of. They create post on traveling with juicy packages so as to interest the members and hence, make their own money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in simple language is promoting or selling other people’s goods as well as services for the benefits of earning commissions. Simply, you send a link to your target audience and you get your commission when your post gets a click and the purchase is completed.

You can use your Facebook groups to share your marketing links. You need to be cautious in doing this as incessant sharing of irrelevant links can be offensive to some of your group members leading to some of them leaving the group. Therefore, let your promotional content be of value to the group members.

Charge Membership Fee

This is more lucrative when you give your group members quality information or content that will always draw their attention to the group and its activities. Once you build a reliable and trusted brand with your group, you can then start to charge them for membership fee. You can create a platform that will help you with getting your subscriptions with 8trade.

Success is a product of concerted and directed effort. You may not earn big at the beginning but with consistency, you can make a version of your own success story.




Build your business marketplace. Connect with other businesses. Extend your network. Profit from your professional group.